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AO Dews is an information page about problems in us and the world. This site has a goal of to make the reader and us detached from this problem condition we have and are experiencing. Sometimes we are in unity and so others know this too, maybe you too. Have questions? Send an email if there is anything we can help you with.

Our within problems. Though as this death universe is nothing, appears to be, it doesnt know and so we believe we live and experience problems. Just like a LSD intake, one takes it sees feels but is poison, not life aware. Inside our human form the ruling power is bones, in mostly head are on left side of ones own view. Such bone energy is poison, shit and is negative in problems, self blame, cancer, spasm. Then less power is thoughts, neurons, cancer, schizophrenia psychosis. Schizophrenia is when one believes someone is after one, after to get you in hate and judgmenets of evil and shame. Psychosis is fear of bullying, afraid to be bullied, blood disease and is the worst disease ever.

shit inside, bones, thoughts neurons

100,000 years ago. The killing to the angels and the sea rising.Before 100 000 years ago, there was much less seas. We were all angels, and all was perfected. No problem, no anxiety all good. We had honour happiness and products, even gambling, but we always won and we were personal and we had it all. We lived many years and all was good. Then the nothing energy same as the black sky of nothing condition lawed a mountain, the first form were the mountain couldnt escape from such law and was thereby non personal and in such law slavery it killed us. To sleep, were angels would have removed the mountain and it would never be no more. But such is the powers of evil and death. So since then we have lived in anxiety problems hell, butcher, rape, stench all sort. It is better be awake and happy and honour even in this fantasy death energy as if mountain similar ghost form one sleeps but has duality, half sleep half problems and hell, so not worthy it. We have lived 40 000 years in problems and hell and Kali Yoga, "the end of the world" times of burning will come soon and we will live as appearing angels but though demons in wrong birth 300 000 years. When we were angels we had luck, a non plan of black stones/matter/heaven touching eachother as nothing is not bad, and we became born as angels, but when we were killed the toxic energy was awake in pain and opposite is same pain energy giving us life and no good can come from pain. It is how this fantasy maya world is, opposites come, divine angels, now demon angels. The more pain we have had experienced will be doubled, x 2, we will be focused much more than before, so there will be much suffering.

angels killed

Potencial jail terror for both groups in the planet.The human planet is like human, it is bent round, just as when a human is bent round. So the below areas of Norway and Greece is Cyrpus Turkey Israel Iraq Iran areas. We as humans with asshole are poison and fall mostly downwards so we might end up falling down to more leg areas than now. As we eat meat, jail animals of demonic birth we suffer sometimes by reaction. Jail, cuttings and karma is foggy as is fantasy, not in goodness of pure senses. There is a potencial that those who rule and the first group will go to Cyprus Turkey, Iran, Israel, Iraq areas were the standards in jails are bad, some places very very bad. It is a law of the nothing that rules us, from ancient times. It is how the ruling energies are, mountains hitting with stones, lightning in pain doing similar. It appears the first group is manic, meaning fake happy, so they might end up beeng really hurted when they attain such lands. None of us chose this human mix life and we are mostly lawed, when not we can try to do an act but it can dualify so why blame us? So it is needed to know the severe problem that can come to them and later our group and detach from it all. Doing things though in fear can mess it up, on bottom of page though there is an image of a yoga to go up to the true angels, not Jesus Krishna or Allah. Sadly there has ben some problems with space rocket maybe in China lately and if one doesnt manage the within yoga, something difficult for humnas as poison form demons, one can try to make this known in the space program areas and manage to go above the moon. Maybe the first group has 20 years til such problems comes and is similar as to the prophecy that apostel John had about the antichrists, satan and the wild beast.

Difference between ghostly products and divine. When we were angels we had products and we were happy with them, in this human mix animal sperm birth we have products that have in them poison and that causes mostly problems. Thereby materialism in the poison human mix animal form is bad, mostly, though sometimes it works but less. Not only are the products problem, but the workers would prefer to be alone than to have many clients around them..

Sex and food Water, fruits are similar to human sperm, only in planet condition. If you see blood as fire, then you can understand how it resembles but just different energies. Sex is the worst sin ever.

1983. Notodden. Reaction with blood light focus pain years later.El Salvador, Venezuela, father and mother had a lot of pain in their life before. Blood disease, light disease. Cancer fear of spasm, much binding in self cataclysm. Luckily they knew of the problem and detached. I got same as what they had in 1983. As psychosis has ruled this life, from the rulers, I become big as the universe filled with poison of shit, water problems and as is most evil and other laws of hate. This disease came to the world by such as it got reaction so the universe got this by them shitting without reasons, as if you know it is all nothing there is no need to remove the pain inside, the stool. So they gave it to the universe, me and it reacted big as in big form back to them.

impure fire light

1983-1994. Greece, Crete Ierapetra. The ruler belief and the massive hatred to him and hell caused by such. It showed in the end cause of weird fantasy, that Christ had severe psychosis, lack of relation intelligence, and claimed me to be the ruler of the universe. The evil worldy ruler according to their beliefs. I have heard him in telepathy that he was somehow psychotic and hated those who hiddenly bullied and wanted to slaughter her them him. Such is his sickness that have increased with shit throwing from his within to me and power psych and weed and psychiatry. Some of the christian words are ok, like "How difficult the pharisaians (Those who see far) do it to enter into the nothingness. Sadly the toxic energy dualified and it became kingdom and welfare in norwegian text. But the root is nothing and is what we originally seek for. My father gave birth in winter times so as in darkness it shows more and not light and fire as of lies of energy, though Christ sadly was wrong and terrorized people with belief of that the problems seen and experienced in summer times are truth, it is not. So father ruled me most and then less, mother whom gave birth to me in June in Notodden 1983. My father has cancer, as we most have, self blame, spasm and is sometimes in hell, as "h" is him when cutted, when the plant is cutted. He was the ruler from 1983 June til I got sent to psychiatry first time in 2001 winter times. A police officer who was wrong in many things as the warm sunny Crete is lies, so police doesnt know who is guilty and have arrested wrong people by him. Such cancer spasm self blame hell has been given to me and the churches with Christ ruling them have made me the universe, as by his own words of faith and power as well if you see in dark simplicity typical rock shit poison expressions, they are as: "You are filthy" and by shit expressing in warmth as is needed in such expression the other gets the filth from him and becomes filthy. So by Christ making me universe, by father giving me his problems, the universe have gotten cancer spasm fear self blame and hell, me there included and I react a big expression back to them so they get some form of huge monster attack as seen in simplicity if you hit a monster he hits you big time back. I have a practical experience were grandfather in Crete telepathized and didnt like my works of spitting in a butcher house were spitting is better as goes against them, as butchers terrorize animals though made of sperm, but sometimes, little, they know they are in a potencial problem of butchering. Also it causes diseases, heart is pig, stomach is cow, loung is sheep, leg is chicken. If you kill such for a bit of time they die, but sometimes in pain, and in future it changes and they live again so it is not worthy it. If you eat as a human beeng, you loose it in you but then it most likely comes again. When you are part of killing the meat you loose it in you but some remains there and if you loose some part of organs but not all it becomes diseased. You can try to choose but mostly it changes and acts are bound.

sick christ

Ebola. Underestimated disease.Psychiatry creates Ebola, has done so more indirect from 1930 around. More psych powers and maybe even hidden voodoo telepathy needles of antipsychotics. Ebola though is not only headache and blood emptying disease but cancer. When we were in my aunts house and uncles, my brother released blood from his nose and the emotion there was cancer binding, though a bit grass happy a bit energy. My brother would prefer blood than cold water as it increases his yellow alien neuro beeng of cancer. Medicine came to stop it many years ago but the cancer was still there, the "only headache".

sick christ

Christianity, Vaishnavism, psychosis and hidden bullying. 1988 summer.Srila Prabhupada had come in telepathy and in irony said: "Oh no they bully me oh no.." talking about me as I was dressed as a woman and I felt degraded and said I didnt want to but my mother said "Yes do it". They laughed and as Crete creates the Antichrist, a false birth, as nothing good can come from killing us the angels though owing but still rooted in such problem and focused birth, Srila P. claimed as he was religious that the children were lawed from God in trancendentualism, meaning love. In psych they laughed with anxiety and so appears more as an acceptance of bullying, similar to this scene: "One laughs and hates within, there is telepathy it unifies the degradation within and the others like Srila P. concentrates himself in such suffering." Him in same group as psychiatry as he worked fro pharma industry were doing the same, so they focused in problems the worst, bullying. The first snake had self blame as a lower hore, a non choosing bound belief, and sent this to me and used my mother to attack me to blame me instead. They made me very sick as Srila P. started memorizing me before going to school about the degraded accident and I suffered 12 years constant me afraid of to be bullied in school and couldnt sleep well during nights as the water given to me by Srila P. increased neurons. Swineflue came by such as Srila P. had it in him.

happy psychotic

1987. Crete, Ierapetra. Father and mother sex trauma.Mother made a bride in costume, father laws woman mostly as shows in strength. So father and mother were before raped, they were lawed non personal state to be happy, bullied then as a hore and believed they were shame for beeng happy in sex and got sad of the words of hore judge and became very traumatized after such and meta (much) cursed the rapers as I did by their control towards the police who rapes in Crete. It is ok to hate if you are hated, than become happy, but for Gods sake, to an extent.

sex trauma

Crete, foggy cloudy day, ruler maker and stealing of money. In 1988 around the weather in Crete was cloudy in midday, I had no intelligence was all nothing within and they believed I was the ruler and so managed to make me such. They took money from me as in churches they say dont give gold to pigs and it was Srila P. who was the pig not me, and if they had allowed me to pick up the 5000 drachmes that wasnt that little of money, Id have power and the nature would be like that, void within and water out. But instead Christ, the wolf dog priests, my father who are in the churches made a Mary beeng outcome to take the money that was forgotten and the weather changed to focus problems of within and sun and fire of pain emotion as there are 2 dualities. Crete was the power land that time so would have influenced many countries as well.

Police and self blame, negative psych powersPolice is a snake organization ("P" is snake downwards as well "i" in end, "politi", police", greek: astinomos, "s" snake shows in end), were snakes have most power and so when it appears they help us from crime they are the doers first and just owe some security in society, by mostly psych powers but sometimes physical acts. They came driving out of my house sometimes trying to rape me, this theyh did when I was Charles Chaplin, and it caused anger making me draw an image of the sheep to not live with my enemies and corona virus came. So the police in Notodden were the cause of corona virus, severe disease for those who couldnt breathe and chocked. Some was reaction from Glenna the Fargo movie butcher scene were though in Notodden similar to Switzerland, a better place duality plays role. Christ, the Boe Telemark police, Notodden police and Nikos Linardis were the police trying to rape me.

Tobacco focus Krisitan Hynne smoked from 14 years old and started smoking in happiness, didnt care so much of problems and when he smoked he was filled with pain. He made me when made universe to do the same and it even got reacted back to him much..

focused smoke, happy smoke

Argentina south America areas. Economy, poverty and cancer. They steal from Great Brittain, Panama Costa Rica areas and they in future become poor by act duality. They are as eaters of mountain stone metals and they loose their teeth, such they did from ancient and is same pattern as nature is same still. They have bad teeth and use plastic tool to have a similar teeth form and during bed they lie down and the brown energy in gravity goes down and they intake cancer as opening in their mouth are cause of not having much teeth.

cancer theft, stealing cancer result, theft results

The ruler in Venezuela (though this above south America areas that I speak of, still there might be a moving condition from Argentina areas and the throat area is "mystic" were c is throat, also the Argentina areas control Venezuela making them more them.) has started a civil economy war going against his own citizens cause of before stealing from us and gaining duality in act and so loose money. Money is mostly bad but sometimes it is ok and even good, but less. Now that Panama areas and Great Brittain have gained the max knowledge of what is to be done to attain the better path for us, I of such Panama Great Brittain areas dont have money, power that is and suffer with very little. Though this it is tricky acts to provide money anyway, but might work.

bad teeth, cancer, brown gravity

Forfather suffering in problems Abedi Muhammed suffering from childhood til 30 years around in Iran. Problems and hell. Terror, bombs, so much pain in the muslims and snake humans that hatred becomes the expression. Excessive cold and excessive heat, making summer not tolerable and not winter as well. There was a war Iraq - Iran that was from 1980 til 1988 so her pain was big. She suffering much not having a better life in Iran, as one seeks for mystic, something not experienced, becomes a consuming materialist anxietifying herself and the toxic spirit. Though we are lawed by the nothing energy, the black heaven as well, and our acts mostly dualifies and difficult to be, she/he killed us as angels and so sometimes suffers a bit of such acts that were very bad. Angels removed the universe toxic energy total, so no pain for ghostly condition, she instead killed such angels acts and also perfection of angels. So when she gets a bit karma law reaction she suffers very very very very vdery very very very much. Offcourse nobody deserves the punish but such is how the stupid toxic karma law reaction is.

iraq areas, terror iraq iran, war iraq iran

Hate curse to first forfather The 18 demons claiming I am forfather and that there is no dark heaven nothing state that laws and rules, they in their psychosis hate me, not knowing, if one has to judge a form, that it is Abedi Muhammed, and so hate awareness problem and problems and hell to the world. By so theiy focus in psychosis, become bullied, filled with blood pain and they go against super power, universe, having them as enemy as by their first faith they make me universe, filled with humans animals and other species. So they attain war against so many beengs. This from 1996 around til now. The pain they give me they had before, then they give it to me then it gets reacted and they get more of it. They suffer more.

My a bit problem appartment. Snakes on floor, half living half dead energies, chocked wooden room and wall. Happy red stone wall behind me. Boe attacked Notodden mostly me with bad sounds, months ago, them not knowing I was given beer causing angry shouting from another, Kristian Hynne, and that those tree moon Krishna Jesus people hated me 40 000 years and I have the right when in hell memory and beeng by them to be angry at them.

African shaman psychiatry worker He had made a book by a journalist asking him of things. He said: "They work for money and loose their happiness." Such words lawed me to psychiatry and it is more jail than psych, also the end K, eating me as cannibals me a bit awake maybe in the future to be cutted and eaten, observing them in their evil. and I had a within contact with him and out were the blood sensed of him was filthy. No happiness. Moughenda Mikala, using Iboga in Gabon sadly offering trilafon as opposite, though calming much more than other types is sexual so more problem.

sex evil, sex problem, sex drug

Manic yellow stars In Crete before going to Norway I saw stars yellow in night when we were sleeping outdoors with my family before going to Norway. Such type of psychology is: "Hey tommorow can be a bright day.." So kind of illusioned and manic, meaning focused in problems.

Fargo, the movie. Review. The law is currently for Fargo to be manifested again. It is said it was a true story and it is and appears as to maybe happen again. The root of such cause is meat eating, you can see a person chopping a body in a cutter outdoors, this is caused by meat eating were the eater who is chopped was totally stupid, totally distant from reality. From 0 to 17 I could as well be eating plastic, tires, I wouldnt see the difference. He knew almost nothing. Mother had given him the meat every day from 0 til 17 til he became a vegetarian and ate almost none meat for 16 years. Then when he understood warfare against him, him been hated mostly in the world he starte consuming meat in the name of justice. Also in Fargo it doesnt really show maybe but there is a police rape going on. Reason is a zoophilian act and more were the cats are same as their forfather and whom raped him first. Not only that but the cats are in the family and same of the one who killed him as angel in perfection, were that time he was veeery happy and honoured and lived without worry with great products and great happiness. Also a bit power was as well an old friend of him, in Crete whom had given him soda pop, monkey business type and were such fruit soda led to rape the first time. He shouted sometimes cause he had been attacked for 40 000 years by those he shouted to but the irony again is that he didnt even choose to drink beer, a mystic hidden law that increased more and more to him ending up him consuming 50 000 liters with beer in 12 years. Such beer amount, good for me I didnt become worse. Also a past life rape and violence led to a violent episode were I hitted my father, also his own back binding energy I sensed when I was 14 around were he spoke important subjects ended up me having the same when drunk and by such going up causing me to hit him. Father as well hating me for 40 000 years. A singer during a massive shit day added more shit instead of relaxing and bullied the pigs as unclean and their belief was that I was the worldy ruler so hiddenly said in telepathy that I was the impurity of all pigs in this world as believed me to be the first beeng, I reacted back in automatical energy without doing anything, hate to him some from of bomb and as I have understood that caused the bomb in Iraq and Yeemn, this is another reason for the evil Fargo cannibal rape happening, so there is a bit of irony here.

real movie fargo, fargo movie review, review real story fargo inside analysis

Love causing focus problems and hell.The whole religions are based in psychosis, blood pain fear of been bullied and bad health. They law half of what is to believe they love us, in power and makes us sick. Too fake happy focused.

Religious sending problems and awareness to wrong beengs.There are many religious people in the world, when they have problems or aware energy and want to sleep sadly they have sent this wrong, to Christ and Krishna for example, were they are ghosts instead of sending it to the above angels above the black heaven were such would if contact came, it would be a solution.

Religious devotee sending water energy during 1995 around.The unity of universe had come to me by their psychosis and the devotee Srila P. continued to send water purification killing energy though increasing me, in neuron thought energy and so I slept very bad and so did the universe til 2016. I had first contact with him in 1988 going to school but then the universe was not in me. I slept very little cause of such.

Fargo, Jesus and the sheep slaughter. Christ and the psychiatry trying to kill me and eat me, though me mix sheep, but Christ goes two miles as is his saying and kills me before too making me removed from pure condition. Something very bad.

Making of the Antichrist Christ judged himself and when he was psychotic he said he and God loved us. "They will (they want "as general interests happy") make the antichrist." So the love belief made some sick, manic, too focused in problems and theyfocused in their self problem bone neurons ass and became evil by their anxiety and desire of a better life as if knowing there are problems one detaches.

Life aware speciesChrist when copying me as sheep is life "e", and "l" is white snake Fondas Doulmoudakis in Athens. We are sometimes in unity and they press us in aware problems.

There has been very much problems since 1998 til 2022 Since I got cursed from 1998 with toxics and hatred to me, mostly in first for then maybe out, just as we shit during morning expressing out within, believing I am the forfather who makes all the problems of the universe, since I moved to Torstveitvegen, Flitavegen and Glenna in 1998 there has been a huge explosion of problems and hell in the world. I sensed the toxics in Torstvetvegen within then they came out by brother and an old friend and Christ, making me sick not able to study in school, and I was judged as unclean to not go to the kitchen. In the second house WTC fell.. Less problems though last years but still.. As they make me unified with the universe by their psychosis, I react this by law cause when human it is very difficult to escape from laws and it reacts back to the universe me big in reaction as the universe. "From the toilet, your poop flows through the city's sewage system along with all the water that drains from our sinks, showers and streets." - So it goes underground and under earth is lava as is in middle area of the planet underground, heating the shit that thereby expresses by heat and the world suffers.

curse, horror houses, terror houses, evil houses

My problem interests.

Path is to go to heaven as mix sheep and if dont manage to hell in Iraq and heaven going is law, so bad.

Crete was pain and thats what plays role also 160 years with similar.

Im lawed impersonallyt to be happy and honour though mix in concentrated form and around me in problems, sensing the problems, instead of beeng up in heaven with less concentrration.

The tobacco coffee use was to detach from concentration pain, watch out when it dualifies to happy honour mix.

Decrease interests: (I had some contact maybe, one time I was on antabus and drunk alcohol and made me very sick, veery, and I tried to contact them and I puked and got better. Also 4 times other times, once when drowning in bed and getting one percent healing around. But Shiva said this is the lowest planet as first planet that has fallen much so as angels are more up we need first to go very up.

IT IS THEM BELOW NOT ME: Remove Kjetils gift of Tao with Winnie the Pooh forrest adventures and the path is to go to kali problem hell as opposite of norway forrest trees Remove Srila Gita psychosis faith of love good God making me focused in happy state in problems Remove christianity faith of love good God and Krishna too. This sends me to concentrated problems below too making me focused in happy state in problems

I use little money, but much music, and takes time to change.


Left hell school 11 yeeeaars, thought all great, wanted to live in the forrest with a cottage, take dreaming LSD (LOL SHAME) and be free from the massive universe pain filth and problems, but still problem as dualifies act and I enter back to mother srila psychosis shit water making and drugs increasing such. It was bad, not so good as I believed.

Singing YES but I have too much honour and so in this sick world it shows as shame

PC YES demon energy NOW YES Brother rapes me in PC communion.

Money MUCH have little money is defined as problem kali yoga age of no goodness, not always but mostly and products are root mostly problem. War conquer PC games MUCH i have not much strength courage in warfare AND DUALIFIES TO CRAMPS AND TO BE CONQUERED. NOW YES

War conquer PC games MUCH i have not much strength courage in warfare and dualifies to be conquered. NOW YES

Demon devil food eater (Notodden yes) MUCH i have not much strength courage in warfare and dualifies to be conquered NOOW YES IS DEVIL ACTS

Laughter (Notodden yes) YES comes by poisoning first in pain alcohol blood sickness and cancer weed and cough tobacco and though. much better laughter originated from escape without though brother and nikos linardis back cancer.

Masturbation (Notodden yes) YES worse sin ever.

House (Notodden yes) MUCH dualifies and becomes opposite of house, becomes world poverty.

Conquering with games and different MUCH moona rasa less self knowledge lost to myself and dualifies to be conquered.

War game pc problem acts.

Sites (Notodden yes) 3 detached 9 attached so worse than what could been better, all detach source.

Work dualifies when choosing to get paid so poverty.

PC games Szir0 gaming causes duality and so aware result mostly, but can work but small chances of such.

Soccer real life depressed and though choosing to win one might loose against the enemies..

Gold Silver Bronze findings in earth YES dualifies acts so boring life and poverty

Escape from escape of birth Crete, Kali and school sometimes as it dualifies (Notodden yes) MUCH

Smoke from 40 to 10-20 (Notodden yes) Throat cancer, head cancer and mix demon making.

Decrease PC Crete time trauma dualifies to trauma again

Water relax causing sensitivity hurt psychosis

Gambling sports less casinos (Notodden yes)

Sleep and dreaming

Stock marketing MUCH exorcism can dualify and become problem

Gambling conquering with my Mr. Not So Unclean from 5 years old in Crete and much more personalities after and some forgotten of past lifes.

False good future faith x hans gaara said i was stupid when speaking knowledge and so what future hope is there as he was slaved nit personal stupid

Shitting (Notodden yes) dualifies in pain

PC cause of tense cancer bind message Manos S.

Watch out for coffee and tobacco as late effect of duality of death as it then dont detach much MUCH

Mix sheep (Notodden yes) results to planet hatred to me and butcher

Music (Notodden yes) YES

Decrease much greedy as sometimes money is ok and neeeded but not always, but those who think it is all great become manics so not to them.

when negative understood detached use this image if you want to


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